About the Foundation

The Purpose and Mission of The Exceptional Foundation

The Exceptional Foundation provides adults and children with special needs the social and recreational activities they require to promote healthy living, support social relationships, improve life skills, and foster community involvement. By doing so, we enrich the well-being of families by offering a healthy, safe, and professional environment where their loved ones may thrive. 

Located in Homewood, Alabama, The Exceptional Foundation provides year-round social and recreational services for adults and children with special needs. For adults, we offer full day programming throughout the year. For school-aged children, we offer after-school programming and a summer camp.

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the reason we serve

Our Mission & Purpose


Healthy Living


Life Skills


Social Relationships


Community Involvement


Our Programs

The Exceptional Foundation provides social and recreational activities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Our goal is to enhance the lives of our participants, but more importantly, to provide a community for them. In order to meet the needs of our participants, they must meet a certain criteria.



How to get Involved

The Exceptional Foundation relies on the helping hands of more than 250 volunteers each year. Countless volunteers come back every year to visit their favorite participants long after their volunteer service is complete and we welcome them as part of our family!


Mark your calendars!

Join Us at our Next Fundraiser

Dinnertainment is a night of exceptional entertainment by exceptional people. This unique dinner party exhibits our participants many talents through a variety of performances showcasing our participants musical and artistic abilities. This years Dinnertainment is happening on Friday September 20, 2019. Click the button below to get more event information.

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